Telecommunication market issues

Telecommunication market is constantly growing, changing and evolving. From a technology and service perspective it becomes more complex. Telco companies are increasingly offering a combination of voice, video and data services. Development of wireless technologies provides increased demand for:

  • Reliable connection
  • High-speed data transfer
  • Access and exchange of information

Telco companies face a necessity to use an appropriate, flexible, multi-technology network planning and optimization solution. Companies also express a need for GIS based (Spatial oriented) solutions. A reliable software that helps to:

  • Improve network coverage
  • Optimize existing network performance
  • Assess, plan and deploy new networks

Cellular Expert for ENTERPRISE is a powerful and comprehensive wireless network planning-optimization solution that facilitates efficient and accurate network planning for different companies around the world. Distinctive for intuitive usage and advanced GIS platform Cellular Expert was developed according to specific requirements and needs of technology oriented clients. The accuracy and technical depth of the software, combined with ongoing investment in new technologies make Cellular Expert a complete solution that will benefit today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Cellular Expert Enterprise Solution