Cellular Expert trainings — we give you not just training, but the specific skills, ideas & techniques you need

Hnit-Baltic annually offers several types of training course. The trainings program range from Cellular Expert Introduction to Advanced Courses. To improve skills while working with Cellular Expert software our clients attend Cellular Expert functionality trainings with practical exercises. It is one of the most effective ways to familiarize Cellular Expert users - telecommunications specialists, with the basic knowledge of the software. The Advanced Cellular Expert training course offers you a unique opportunity to strengthen your network management capabilities. We provide participants with a set of methods and tools which they can apply to carry out daily tasks as well as upcoming challenges.

In addition to product trainings we offer technology - UMTS, WiMAX and LTE courses. Trainings are a great occasion to consult with other Cellular Expert users and meet our development team. Participants get useful hands-on experience and an inspiration to bring home. We help network engineers (telecommunication specialists) to become experts in key aspects of network planning, analysis and optimization. 

For the benefit of our customers we perform Customized trainings and Implementation Projects. Our team tailors individual course agenda and content to meet specific needs and requirements of the customer. The aim of implementation projects is to make the system fully operational i.e. train the telecommunication specialists, prepare necessary data, create project files, report templates and etc. During the implementation project our qualified specialists perform the following tasks:

  • install Cellular Expert software and other required components;
  • prepare network and geographical data;
  • configure and tune propagation models and more.

We arranged trainings at Hnit-Baltic Training Center in Vilnius, Lithuania for Telecoms, Mobile network operators, Regulation Authorities, Internet providers, Broadcasting companies and Universities from all over the world.

We also prepared individual trainings at the customer site in USA, Kenya, Singapore, Israel, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia and Romania. Essential knowledge of Telecommunications helps our lectors to meet specific needs and requirements of the customer and fulfill the expectations accurately.

So everybody is welcome at Cellular Expert trainings!

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