Cellular Expert keeps up to date with new planning challenges

An increased demand of reliable and easy to use LTE network planning tool encouraged Cellular Expert team to develop solutions with full support of LTE technology for radio network planning, with the advanced functionality.

Everybody knows that Cellular Expert sets the standards within the market for Mobile Network Operators and other Telecommunication companies. However, only few of you know that Cellular Expert team develops solutions for Broadcasting companies and already designed special functionality for DVB-T, DVB-H, T-DAB and other relevant broadcasting standards.

In addition to Desktop products, our company also develops Web solutions for enterprise. Cellular Expert team has created and successfully implemented a range of web solutions for our clients. A very best of them became a valuable part of Cellular Expert Enterprise Server product family. For example, Cellular Expert Viewer – radio network data access solution to preview, analyze, report and perform calculations directly in your web browser and Enterprise Dashboard - a solution for big enterprises to evaluate KPIs simpler.

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