Cellular Expert Upgrade


Upgrade your current Cellular Expert version to 4.4.2 – do you work faster and make it easier. During last year Cellular Expert team has significantly improved Cellular Expert, we released a few new versions, and would like to encourage you to upgrade your current version to Cellular Expert 4.4.2.

Cellular Expert latest version features' highlights:

Cellular Expert team has implemented GIS based Fiber Network management system for Broadband Internet company (“Plačiajuostis Internetas”)

Across most of Lithuania there is sufficient last-mile infrastructure for broadband, but the necessary core/backhaul network infrastructure and capacity are missing. Public Enterprise Plačiajuostis Internetas (a not-for-profit public enterprise established in 2005 to implement the Rural Area Information Technology Broadband Network (RAIN) project and manage the new infrastructure) develops broadband infrastructure in areas where it does not exist or where there is no competition in broadband  services.

How to improve network planning using demographical data. The new approach to radio network design.

As the demand for mobile communication services increases day by day, radio network expansion is needed, what requires significant capital investments and often a long payback period. To increase the net present value and limit capital requirements a deep geographical analysis is crucial. To make optimal roll-out plan one need to make non-technical analysis and find out where are the best locations to build new sites, where your customers are, what services are needed or which site configuration to use.