Cellular Expert is 5G ready!



Cellular Expert is 5G ready

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is constantly publishing recommendations making 5G radio access technology more and more defined. This technology is officially known as “5G New Radio”. It is crucial for mobile operators (carriers) to keep up with increasing data usage and this technology promises to deal with that. In addition, “Network slicing” together with a lot of other technical features empowers new services and opportunities for various business. For example, 5G based service for drone control, quality assured campus/factory networks, precision autonomous farming, etc.
In responding with the emerging need for interested parties to investigate assumptions, the newest Cellular Expert software release 4.7 is 5G-NR ready.

New technology – 5G-NR

The latest Cellular Expert release includes tools for 5G-NR wireless access technology planning. 5G-NR features - bandwidth is up to 400 MHz and subcarrier spacing is up to 240 kHz can be defined. Besides, transmit diversity, spatial multiplexing, massive MIMO or beamforming can be included into calculations. 

5G-NR prediction

Import from Excel functionality

To support the smooth network data exchange between OSS and Cellular Expert, we’ve created new import functionality. Microsoft Excel format is the primary format for import. One or several network configuration files can be imported at the same time. Import functionality can track network changes during the import procedure between the primary network file and previously imported network objects. So you will be able to avoid duplications, non-existing cells and so on.


The scheme of import procedure

Upgraded Model Tuning functionality

Model Tuning tool now estimates the importance of the particular cell and its contribution to the model parameters. From now, you will be able to see the number of measurement points for each cell, as well as Mean and Standard Deviation value of the particular cell directly in Model Tuning dialog before the calculations. In other words, the “Calculate Error” tool is integrated into the Model Tuning dialog. 

TDM/TDMA calculation

The new TDM/TDMA tool helps to ensure required SLA for each fixed customer connection. The tool calculates modulation available at each customer and the number of time slots operator shall dedicate for the customer to fulfill the required SLA. The report for all or selected customer can be generated and exported to various document formats.

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