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wireless coverage planning software, development and support of business-critical ArcGIS applications for telecommunications, IoT and defense.


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to be the key trusted partner for communication companies and authorities, in ensuring the intelligence and efficiency of their network development and maintenance operations.





We enhance business efficiency for more than 170 communication network companies in more than 50 countries.

They trust our market practices in wireless communication network planning and operations.


Cellular Expert has a wide range of consistently updated functional features pioneering the market.

We collaborate with leading data and technology partners, integrating seamlessly with other standard systems in the communications market.


We specialize in the development of GIS-based communications planning and operations enhancement software.

The 25 years of dedicated work and the diverse clientele have granted us expertise, which is implemented in the Cellular Expert system.


Cellular Expert is a high-quality, reliable system supported by the intertwining global network of ESRI distributors and Cellular Expert partners.

We provide local software support and professional services for communication network planning and operations.


Broadband network operators
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Broadband network operators

Wireless network
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Wireless network companies

Infrastructure companies
Tower Infrastructure Companies

For infrastructure companies

Communication Planning
Public Security & Defense

Communication Planning for Defense & Public Security

Private communication
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Regulation institutions
Communication Regulators

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Mobile | Cellular

Broadband network operators

Cellular Expert is a complete Enterprise Network Planning and Operations Support System for wireless network design, data management, optimization, and maintenance. Distinctive for its intuitive usage and advanced GIS platform, Cellular Expert was developed according to specific requirements and needs of technology-oriented clients. It fulfills a wide range of mobile wireless network planning tasks ranging from design, engineering, and optimization to customer care, sales, and marketing tasks, and extending to strategic decision making, investment control, and other management tasks. The accuracy and technical depth of the wireless planning software, combined with ongoing investment in new GIS web technologies, allows Cellular Expert to provide cutting-edge technology to Network Operators.

Broadband network operators

LoRa | Other IoT

Wireless network companies

Communication and especially IoT networks consist of hundreds of thousands, millions of devices geographically spread over numerous sites and locations: telecom towers, multi-story buildings, and other facilities. Efficient planning, provisioning, and operating of the network is only possible by having reliable network assets, device connectivity data, and its effective management, which makes the deployment and operation of the IoT systems as simple and cost-effective, as possible for the clients. That's where the role of Cellular Expert, a specialized Operations Support System (OSS), becomes essential for Communications and especially IoT businesses. Cellular Expert’s integrated comprehensive wireless network planning-optimization solution facilitates accurate network planning in the initial planning stage, which is essential for efficient network roll-out and operations in the later stages.

Wireless network

Tower infrastructure Companies

Infrastructure companies

Companies developing Tower Infrastructure for communication providers need to have a detailed, updated view of the assets and space in their towers, manage the data and engineering, installation the service works of the subcontractors. Cellular Expert’s Server solution Inventory3D is a database system for asset management, predictive analytics, and business innovation that digitizes data collection, automates tower sites surveys, supported by automated flying and data capture from the drones, and feeds data with real-time sensors. This 'smart' infrastructure management system greatly facilitates maintenance, repair, budgeting, invoicing, ordering, and other operations initiatives.

Infrastructure companies

Public Security & Defense

Communication Planning for Defense & Public Security

Whether assessing communication network roll-out, radar visibility, area obstacles, locating communication stations or surveillance points and sensors, precise planning of their positions, networks always come into the equation. Cellular Expert plays an essential role in helping to make these types of decisions. Cellular Expert solutions help to ensure fast and secure communications for emergency management, border security, and control, and are recognized for calculation speed, accuracy, and reliability.

Communication Planning

Utility companies

Private communication networks

Utility companies (gas, oil producers, electricity, water suppliers) recognize and highly realise the value of metering, IoT sensors data in their business. Cellular Expert wireless network RF-Engineering tools provide precise wireless, IoT network planning, and development capabilities in the same GIS data and software environment, widely used in Utility companies.

Private communication

Communication Regulators

Regulation institutions

Regulation institutions are facing a lot of complex tasks every day. To ensure a variety of technologically progressive, top quality, safe and affordable communications technologies and services to each and every citizen of the country, they need to manage radio frequencies, evaluate potential interference zones, availability of the services, evaluate the pricing policy, monitor customer complaints. To ease this process Cellular Expert is a must have solution. Cellular Expert’s Server solutions help the Regulators to aggregate network data from operators and drive tests measurements, estimate the quality of the communication services, coverage gaps, and provide impartial service quality online map dashboards to the public.

Regulation institutions


Cellular-Expert products scheme
Cellular-Expert products scheme

Cellular Expert Desktop

CE RCP (Radio Coverage Planner)

CE RCP is a radiocommunications planning and analysis software tool that allows to easily perform radio signal prediction calculations and broadband systems coverage and throughput modelling within ArcGIS Pro environment. It could support network planning and optimization for the entire range of wireless technologies in frequencies from 100 MHz to 100 GHz. The tool allows the user to input and use a broad variety of GIS and network data to support the simulations, since the overall quality of coverage calculations depends on the completeness and detail of the technical network data and the resolution and quality of the GIS data. CE RCP can efficiently simulate wide area network coverage using the GIS data with a resolution of down to 1 m.
CE RCP is capable of modelling coverage of various cellular technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G), PMR/PAMR (TETRA, APCO, others), as well as IoT (LoRa/SigFox, others) networks.

Cellular Expert RCP (Radio Coverage Planner)
CE RLP (Radio Links Planner)

The CE RLP tool is designed to perform a broad range of fixed radio link planning and optimisation tasks, in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployment scenarios. It allows modelling of fixed radio links performance across the broad range of frequencies from 1 GHz to 100 GHz and path profile analysis down to 1 m resolution, depending on the used DTM and clutter data.

Cellular Expert RLP (Radio Links Planner)
CE NIR (Non-Ionizing Radiation calculator)

CE NIR helps evaluating compliance of transmitters with Non-ionising radiation emission requirements and limits. It allows easy integration of various background geodata layers, including 3D buildings information and photogrammetric drone-generated mesh data to precisely characterise the site environment, decide on placement of NIR control points, and calculate NIR values from the proposed radio base station transmitters and antenna parameters. The NIR calculation is compliant with general ICNIRP guidelines and could be further adjusted to meet any specific national requirements and regulations in the field of EMF human exposure monitoring.

CellularExpert NIR (Non-Ionizing Radiation calculator
2G/3G/4G/5G networks

(GSM, DCS, CDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, 5G, CBRS, small cells)

IoT networks

(NB-IoT, LoRa, SigFox)

Military and critical communications networks

(TETRA, TETRAPOL, APCO, P25, Mesh networks, UHF, VHF...))

Broadband access networks


Other wireless access networks

(WiMAX, WiFi)

Radio and TV broadcasting networks


Other wireless technologies in frequency range up to 100 GHz
Microwave transmission networks

Cellular Expert Server

CE Express | Inventory 3D | Dashboard

CE Server-Express is an ArcGIS Enterprise system to assist planning, engineering, roll-out, operations, and maintenance of communication networks. It is deployable on an organization's internal Cloud. The system is made up of several modules and engines, providing a web-based platform and applications for building task-oriented workflows. The CE Server-Express solution provides mobile and fixed network operators with centralized, scalable data storage, improves network data integrity, and delivers multi-user access to users across the organization. The system could be integrated with different telecom enterprise OSS/BSS IT systems, including network monitoring (NMS), customer service, billing, and business intelligence. For example, the CE Server-Express solution could be configured to aggregate and process different data to calculate the network key performance indicators (KPIs) and help ensure the compliance with provisions established in service level agreements (SLAs).

Cellular-Expert product CE Express
CE Express
Cellular-Expert product Inventory 3D
Inventory 3D
Cellular-Expert product CE Dashboard

The VertiTrack IoT module enables real-time high precision GNSS VRS position tracking of a monitored object in all-weather conditions. It is primarily designed to track lateral movement of the tips of telecommunication towers, for the purpose of monitoring their swaying and, thus, their structural health. However, it can be easily employed for objects’ motion/displacement tracking in a variety of industries, including but not limited to construction, military, energy and wind power management.

Unmatched accuracy. VertiTrack utilizes GNSS RTK VRS technology to take precise position measurements 8 times a second – this results in 1-2 centimeters level precision (provided that the skyline visibility is not obstructed).

Flexible and lightweight - no extra downloads. Working in conjunction with an Esri Experience Builder web-based widget, Vertitrack modules can be accessed directly from a variety of devices and OSs: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. This allows for quick and seamless setup whilst eliminating the need to install additional software.

Cellular-Expert product CE Vertitrack
CE Vertitrack


Cellular Expert works with global partners and local Esri distributors to install, configure and provide operational support of Cellular Expert’s products, including the integration of localized GIS data of best available resolution down to 1-10 m. We also provide integration of our products and ArcGIS platforms with the relevant network management and other IT/GIS systems for Telecom, Defense, and other companies and organizations.

Cellular Expert also provides professional consulting services in:

  • Wireless systems and networks planning and optimization
  • Broadband service coverage analysis
  • Mobile networks coverage and service quality analysis
  • Network assets management solutions and rollout support

Cellular Expert has in-house knowledge and experience of wireless propagation modeling algorithms and their implementation in GIS environment. We can accordingly help with customizing the analytical modeling of telecommunication networks coverage, quality of service and capacity, implementing bespoke GIS analysis algorithms for various telecommunication development projects.


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Cellular Expert specialises in the development of telecommunications planning and operations enhancement software based on ESRI’s ArcGIS. The company develops and supports a set of Cellular Expert software products, provides implementation, integration services within Telecom, Defense, other companies and organizations. Cellular Expert also provides professional services in Radio propagation calculations, Broadband service mapping, coverage calculations, consultancy in wireless telecom networks planning and optimization.

The company’s roots go back to 1995, when working on GIS implementation projects in Telecom. In 2000, Cellular Expert was introduced to the market as a GIS-based wireless network planning software. Cellular Expert has exclusive in-house knowledge in wireless propagation, modeling algorithms and their implementation in GIS environment, with more than 20 years’ experience in the development and providing worldwide support for analytical GIS software, extensive experience in telecom networks planning and optimization consultancy, broadband mapping, coverage calculations projects.

The 25 years of dedicated work and the diverse clientele have granted us the expertise that is implemented in the Cellular Expert system. We enhance the intelligence and business efficiency for more than 170 communication network companies, defense organizations in more than 50 countries.

The company is a part of HNIT group of companies, ESRI Distributors in Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which have around 100 employees in 4 countries.

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